More quality less impact

We are improving the quality of our products by selecting sustainable raw materials and increasing controls so as to extend the life cycle of the garments.

Sustainability begins with the design

Starting from the design of the garments, we are training designers and merchandisers, to reduce the environmental impact, thanks to models of circular techniques to simplify the recycling of the garments in the future.


All products are subject to numerous safety and quality controls to the final consumer.

Oh! Beautiful, green cotton!

The company is a member of the BCI since 2019, by the end of 2020 25% of the cotton used in the production of garments, will be sustainable cotton.


We removed 100% of the retail plastic packaging: the shoppers are FSC certified and are produced, as well as the boxes of the online shop, from recycled paper and cardboard.

This local, think Greener

We have reduced transport emissions and optimised the quality of the garments by moving some of the production to Europe and neighbouring countries.

Sustainable stores, sustainable shopping

Our stores use LED lighting which reduces electricity consumption.

Every day is a green day

We have implemented the use of disposable recycled paper materials and we promote separate collection with recycling points within the offices.



Recycled will be a must

We will use recycled polyester and synthetic fibres.

Our cotton will be even better

100% of the cotton used will be BCI certified and sourced from sustainable sources.

Less plastic will make us fantastic!

We will reduce plastic packaging by 50% and use recycled plastic.