The Brand

Alcott is the main brand of the Capri Group and since its establishment, in 1990, it has seen a rapid growth, establishing itself in less than 20 years in Italy and abroad as one of the main players in the fast fashion marketplace.

Alcott was initially founded as menswear brand only, however, to keep up with the market expectations and trends, at the beginning of the 2000 a womenswear collection joined, Alcott Los Angeles, the main line and went to cover 30% of the annual revenue.

In 2015, to expand further and to reach a wider customers' audience, Alcott Premium collection was created, dedicated to a more adult and demanding male audience.

Thanks to a flexible business organization and a synergic work of research, development and production, Alcott can guarantee weekly delivery to each store with a constant immission of new capsule collections that meet the latest market trends.

The Clients Making the Brand

Millenials & Centennials: young and dynamic, passionate about technology, music and social network, they are demanding, strongly communicative and represents the Alcott targeted audience..


Alcott was established 1988 from a great idea: offer cool and quality product, at democratic price, so as to make fashion accessible to everyone. Over the years, the ambitious entrepreneurial project has met with great success, positioning Alcott among the top Italian brands in the fast fashion retail sector.


1990 The first ALCOTT store opens in Naples, Italy;


1997 Franchising distribution begings


1999 With the acquisition of historic building in Via Toledo in Naples, ALCOTT opens the first megastore with an exhibition area of 1200sqm;


Beginning an international expansion project with the opening of new stores in Europe and India;


2012 Alcott conquests the Lebanese market and it continues its expansion on the national market with direct and franchising store;


With the renovation of the Vittorio Emanuele store in Milan and the inauguration of the first store in Austria, the Alcott brand strengthens its presence on the national market and faces new European realities in view of future developments;


Alcott inaugurates its first Milan-based headquarters in Torino Street, at the long-awaited Alcott Building, it supports the development of a foreign expansion plan which aims to inaugurate 5 new Alcott stores in England by 2020. Beginning the online expansion of the Brand, with the creation of the e-commerce site, to ensure a complete shopping experience and particular attention to the brand's digital customers.


Opening of the new store Alcott in the biggest shopping center in Europe "Il Centro" in Arese, and other important openings: C.C. Adigeo of Verona, Settimo Torinese;


Alcott continues its expansion project in Spain with 5 stores in the cities of Granada, Barcelona and Madrid.


Alcott's mission has always been "Best Fashion at the Best Price", namely guarantee a good quality standard cool and fashionable product, with a good quality standard, on a very competitive price point.

Behind each store and each garment there's a lot of research: young, talented creatived team, constantly working to develop and translate into garments all market trends, by taking inspiration from fashion, art, social networks but mainly, from the clients that are the main inspiration for all of Alcott's collections.

The Alcott stores, located in the main arteries of international shopping and in the most important shopping centers and outlet parks, are environment studied in detail , to guarantee an unforgettable, multisensory shopping experience.

The furnishings are refined and studied down to the smallest details and the spaces are designed to guarantee the customer a complete shopping experience at 360 degrees: the collections are presented to the best, the music of the moment, latest generation LED screens that transmit social feeds, campaign shots and the Alcott perfume that hovers in the air, a distinctive feature of all concept stores.

Since 2016, the Capri Group has started to develop a sustainability project that applies to both the product itself and the production chain: by reducing the number of garments produced and by improving their quality, The Group is aiming at injecting a lower number of items on the marketplace in order to reduce their disposal. Furthermore, by relocationg the production, previously mainly based in South Eastern Asia, to Europe and sorrounding countries, the Group is archieving a double target: a warranty for better working conditions from the suppliers, as well as a notable reduction of CO2 emissions in the transportation, due to the shorter distance.
The safeguard of the environment is a very urgent and crucial matter for the Capri Group and further implementations in the business models are due to be archieved in the next few years, in order to minimize waste from the production chain to the stores.