Forms of payment

You can choose from different forms of payment:

PayPal, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Maestro

We’re currently not able to accept cash, cheques and phone orders.


When will you charge the order on my credit card?

Once the order is finalized, a pre-authorization will be made on your card to insure its validity and the availability of funds.

This is not the charge which will be made upon the shipping of the goods, notified by email.


When will you charge my Paypal account?

The charge on the PayPal account will be made upon the completion of the order.


Is it safe to purchase from your website using a credit card?

The payment data transmission is completed using the highest standard of security thanks to the most advanced codification systems (SSL): the data of your credit card will never be available to third parties.

We only use protected connections, as you can see from the “https” suffix, on the address bar in the browser.


Why am I not able to complete my order?

Please check you’ve inserted all correct payment data. If you had chosen to pay by card, and still have issues completing the order, please do get in touch with your bank.


Why the amount charged is different from the amount stated in the order?

If upon shipping some of the articles should no longer be available, the amount debited on your card will match the total amount of the shipped goods.


Can I cancel an order?

Yes, you can cancel an order. Please contact our Customer Care for assistance.