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the best offer on the market

The formula of the Franchise Alcott is a great opportunity for the franchisee: a practical and profitable business proposal, combined with an efficient and timely management of the activity, ensuring maximum competitiveness for the future partner.

The guarantee of a solid and reliable partner, acquires a further commercial value due to the importance of the brand Alcott, currently among the leaders in the field of fast fashion in Italy.


ALCOTT: the ideal partner

ico_dollaro.png Constant and guaranteed margins
Through the year, the earning margin rimains the same, even through sales, and this clause eliminates the biggest commercial risk that could be encountered

ico_condividi.png Zero costs of transportation
The merchandise will reach your store at no extra cost

ico_cesta.png Zero unsold stock
The client covers costs only for the merchandise sold (valid only for stores in Italy)

ico_home.png Reduced minimum investment
The minimum store surface required is of 200sqm

For further information, please contact  infoshops @ alcott.it

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the ideal partner

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