When possible, remove all accessories, close all Velcros and zips before washing. Place all stockings, underwear and delicate garments in a separate washing bag before placing them in the washing machine.

Thick sweaters
In order to retain the original shape of the garments, please make sure you dry them by placing the garments flat.

Linen is a very delicate natural fiber. After washing, in order to retain the original shape of the garments, please steam iron it inside out.

Viscose is a natural fiber that can easily lose its shape when wet. To retain its original status, you must steam iron it.

Silk is a very delicate material and must be handled with care. Use a delicate detergent and do not stretch the garment when wet.

For the wool garment is generally enough to expose them to fresh air. For washing, use a delicate detergent and when machine washed, use a delicate program or hand wash.

To avoid discoloration, wash the denim inside out and when the washing is finishes, remove them from the machine to avoid changes to its original shape.

All leather garments must be dry cleaned.

Dawn jackets
The filling must be always completely dry. When tumble dry the garments, add to the machine some tennis balls which will help the dawn distribute along the garment.

Raincoats must drip dry. Should you tumble dry the garments, use a low temperature.