The Best Fashion at The Best Price!

Since the first collection, the goal of the "Alcott" brand has always been to keep up with new Teen Trends.

The brand comes from an American-inspired mix that combines elements of the "college" tradition of the US Ivy League, with all-Italian design and quality: a winning mix!

Following the re-branding started in 2013, the ALCOTT brand leader in the men's fashion sector is joined by the "ALCOTT LOS ANGELES" women's spin-off which, rapidly growing, is rapidly acquiring an important space in the market, becoming a reference point. of style in Italy.

Great news is the "ALCOTT PREMIUM" line-collection, a collection of premium clothing that comes from the desire to give the customer a collection with an elegant design and refined materials. The concept store is characterized by the design of typical furnishings of the elegant homes of the '50s and' 60s, offering a pleasant feeling of domestic warmth and formal elegance.

Today's man is trendy and rebel, is following the trends but never gives up ta adding a touch of personality that makes him tee/ unique, demanding and in need for a constant change. And is truly this multiplicity that reflects into all collections by Alcott: full of moods, styles and inspirations, these lines grant always "Space Far Your Style" ta al/ customers.

The modern ALCOTT girl is an adventurer; independent and brave, she knows no boundaries or conventions and expresses herself through what she wears. Every occasion requires a different design and mood, and Alcott Los Angeles is perfect because, with its many garments and styles, is an "al/ around brand" that, through al/ its mini capsule collections, always delivers the perfect outfit to fully live the teenage dream!

The big news is the launch of the "ALCOTT PREMIUM" line. The new image dedicated to the "PREMIUM" product of the ALCOTT brand comes from the desire to give the consumer a pleasant sensation of domestic warmth and formal elegance.The fine "ALCOTT PREMIUM". The design is characterized by typical furniture of the dwellings of the class of '50 and '60 years. The materials used range from walnut wood essence clear finished with a glossy coating typical furniture of mid fast century, until reaching the dark leather handles and bottoms of panels. All iron elements are black, a sign of elegance and clean color, antiqued brass joined by clear reference vintage. Not lacking flavor complements "domestic" as the Neapolitan wood pickled white and the pool table in walnut, definitely closer to the world of man. Consequently, the heads of the collection will be dedicated to a different target than usual. In fact the will of CAPRI BRAND is to aim to an age and enjoyment. To this new concept stare will be dedicated specifically/y stare ad hoc that will bring the new flag in our mega stores. This entry is part of the internationalization initiated by the brand to strengthen and elevate its position in the fast fashion view to 360 °.


Alcott was founded in 1988 by a great idea: to offer a product of trend and quality, at a democratic price, so as to make fashion accessible to everyone. The ambitious business project, over the years has enjoyed great success, positioning Alcott among the first Italian brands in the fast fashion retail sector.

  • 1990 The first store ALCOTT stare opens in Naples, ltaly;

  • 1997 The franchising distribution begins;

  • 1999 The first 1200sqm ALCOTT megastore opens its door in Naples;

  • 2006 A global expansion begins with the opening of retail spaces in Europe and India;

  • 2007 ALCOTT opens first concept stare in the Italian fashion capital;

  • 2008 The expansion of direct retail proves to be very successful;

  • 2012 Alcott arrives on the Lebanese market and continues to expand in ltaly;

  • 2014 With the refurbishment of the stare of Milan, Vittorio Emanuele and the opening of the first Alcott space in Austria, the brand is continuing to establish its presence in ltaly while looking at the European markets, with great interest tor future developments;

  • 2015 The opening of the first headquarter in Milan, in Via Torino, at the long-awaited Alcott Building, goes together with the expansion plan tor the opening of five new Alcott stores in the UK within 2020;

  • 2016 Opening of the new stare in the bigger shopping center in Europe "Il Centro" in Arese, and other new opening: C. C. Adigeo in Verona, Settimo Torinese.

  • 2017 Alcott continues its expansion project also in Spain with 5 stores in the cities ot Granada, Barcelona and Madrid


With the Alcott, Alcott Los Angeles and PREMIUM by Alcott Brands, the Company is now present with over 150 stores worldwide and continues to grow thanks to an unbeatable mix of style and price, which is completed with an unforgettable shopping experience within the stores , real design jewels, created with the desire to give the consumer a real journey into the Alcott universe!

Shopping in an Alcott store is a real emotion, the fruit of 30 years of activity that has seen success in succession.

Our stores are treated in detail, to ensure a unique shopping experience.

This is just the beginning of an increasingly important growth that will see Alcott positioned among the greats of the global fast fashion market.